Bonus Q&A Video - Feb 5, 2022

Doing my best to handle over 200 questions.


Here’s 36 minutes of me doing my best to answer your questions. When I posted, I never expected over 200 questions to come in, but they did. You guys are clearly engaged with The Anxious Morning, I appreciate you all, and you ROCK!

So, rather than just do 10 of 200 questions, I tried to answer the general categories of questions so that most of you could get something out of the video. I hope you find it useful in some way.

I covered:

01:00 - Thought And Feelings

05:35 - Why Am I Not Happy? (Podcast Episode - click here)

06:45 - Helping Family Members (Podcast episodes - click here, here, and here)

08:35 - How Your Anxiety Impacts Your Kids (Podcast episode - click here)

11:45 - How Long Does Recovery Take And What Does It Feel Like?

15:15 - Depression

19:57 - Am I Doing This Wrong? Will This Set Me Back?

25:18 - Trying To Find Body-Focused Solutions

29:15 - And the million dollar topic for today covers the lion’s share of the questions you guys sent in. That is, wanting special advice for the thing that is scariest or most challenging for you. Spoiler alert. It’s not special, and the same rules apply for your scary thing as for someone else’s scary thing. That’s a crappy deal, but that’s the deal we got so we should go with it!

I wish I could have answered every question individually, but 9 hours of video would get really boring. LOL

Thanks for letting me test the video thing. I hope you find this useful. I’m sure we’ll do it again soon!